8 Reasons Why I Don’t Regret Signing Up For Data Roaming | Barcelona Edition!

8 Reasons Why I Don’t Regret Signing Up For Data Roaming | Barcelona Edition!

I know what you’re thinking. “Jeez girl, get a local sim in Barcelona, it’s cheaper!”  Ahem, let me count the reasons why I didn’t buy a sim.
  1. The line at the airport was too long. Patience was never my virtue.
  2. I tried going into the city to find a sim but there was a strike at the telco provider I was eyeing at. True story, no joke, here’s proof:
  3. I couldn’t find a telco I liked that had an unlimited data plan.
    Go unli or go home!
  4. I budgeted for data roaming anyway when I planned my trip.
    I might as well push through with it!I have no regrets and here’s why:

1. Maps: makes you healthy, keeps you safe

In Barcelona, pedestrians are the kings of the road. I took that crown of glory everywhere along with my trusty map on my smartphone. If my map calculated 30 minutes on foot, I’d save my train money and go off on that walk. The exercise did me well, especially between all those beers and tapas. Maps also make you light years braver. Getting lost was a non-issue. I had a panic button in the form of a Google Maps icon. Nothing could stop me! (Nothing except lowbatt problems)

2. No tour guide, no problem! Google it!

I was too cheap to get a tour guide hence the constant Googling of nearly everything.  Of course you can ask real people around you for information—but at 2am on a Thursday night? I think I’ll go with asking the Internet first.

3.  A cure to loneliness in this digital age

4. Sometimes, idiocy happens.

I needed the Internet to save me from my own stupidity when (1) I locked myself out of my apartment and (2) when I lost the contact details of another accommodation where I left all my laundry.  Again, thank you Internet for saving me from myself.

5. This is worth pointing out—my mother did not regret my data roaming.

“Buy me this and that but make sure you take a photo and show it to me first”

“I emailed the store and they said it’s available. Call me on Viber before you buy it, I might change my mind”

“Did you really go to mass?”

*sends photo of mass schedule*

6.  I’m not flooding your feed, I’m saving my memories

I couldn’t help it, when social media called, I answered— in real time! The Internet world had no choice but to lay witness to my avalanche of photos.
I’m sorry, it just had to happen. Please don’t hate me, but please check out these cool Instagrams!

A special mention goes out to the magical Primavera event app! It had schedules, show time notifications, artist information, Spotify integration, and so much more. Words do not give this app justice and neither would a lack of Internet. Imagine if I went to the festival without a connection! The horror!

7. And since we’re talking about music, I have two words for you: MUSICSTREAMING

Music streaming was my go-to catnip for long train rides and epic hikes. It also eased the loneliness of my solo room (#feels).  Thank god Globe data roaming supported streaming on Spotify. Thank god again it was unlimited. *fist pump*

8. Remember how I made friends? An Internet connection helped me keep them.

Questions like “where are you” and “what band are you watching” were thrown around in WhatsApp and Facebook throughout the three days of the entire festival. I thought I’d be watching the shows alone but no, I found company! Real people!  Oh Internet you truly are the key to a modern day, twenty-first century friendship.


Globe is our client but we promise this post was not sponsored. Their data roaming worked like a charm. It’s legit, guys! Go off into the world, roam, make friends, and don’t forget your keys and dirty laundry at the hotel.